Hongkong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge


The viaduct section consists of three cable-stayed bridges, namely Qingzhou Channel Bridge, Jianghai Channel Bridge and Jiuzhou Channel Bridge. Among the three bridges, the Qingzhou Channel Bridge has the longest main span of about 458 m long.

To minimize disturbance to marine life and to ensure the quality of works, precast and prefabrication techniques were widely adopted in the project. Pile caps, steel bridge decks and steel towers were manufactured off-site and transported to the construction site for erection.

The weight of steel tower of the Jiaghai Channel Bridge is about 3,100 tonnes. Integral erection method, which can substantially reduce the on-site welding work and enhance the quality of steelworks and safety during erection was adopted for the erection of the steel tower but a lot of challenges, such as water current, wind speed and operation of existing navigation channel, were encountered and needed to be addressed during construction. Site trials were carried out to ensure safety and quality of works prior to the erection of steel tower. The steel usage for the steel bridge decks amounts to 420,000 tonnes (equivalent to the total weight of 60 numbers of Eiffle Tower). The total bridge deck area reaches 700,000 square metres, which is equivalent to about 98 football pitches. The road surfacing work is huge and the total weight of the bituminous materials used is about 100,000 tonnes.

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