About Us


HL-KATTOR Industry Co., Ltd was founded in 2005, the company is headquartered in the east lake high-tech zone of Wuhan. with three manufacture bases located in Ezhou, Huanggang and WuHu. It is a national high-tech company dedicated on professional solution of Engineering construction, Transporting, Lifting, Launching technology. The main products are intelligent 3D adjustment system, Intelligent incremental launching system , Intelligent jacking form-work platform system, Intelligent self-lifting platform, Gantry crane, Launching gantry, Heavy transporter (rail type and RTG), Portal craneDerrick Crane, Cable crane, Mast Crane, Travel lift and so on.


It is strictly follows ISO9001 quality management system requirements, the continuous pursuit of excellence in product quality, intentions to build "HL-KATTOR" brand. Our company has developed a number of international leading, but unique products, changed the traditional construction process and methods, greatly improved the safety and efficiency of construction. "HL-KATTOR" has got more than 30 invention patents and a number of software works of scientific and technological achievements. It has been widely used in road and bridge engineering, high-rise buildings, port, nuclear power, military and other engineering fields.

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